We specialize in full body waxing for men and women with our true specialty being the more risqué, yet very alluring Brazilian wax, better known around here as “The Whole Hoochi-Coochi”

Our mission is to provide excellent service in an immaculate relaxing atmosphere assuring every guest an enjoyable experience. HoochiCoochi Wax Studio follows the strictest rules of hygiene.  We do not double dip. All materials are disposed of after every use so we never re-use or re-cycle. We use only the best European Blue Hard Wax which makes our waxing virtually painless.

We are fully licensed and constantly learning the latest and best techniques available to ensure our guest experience is the best you can find anywhere.


Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine while you wait. While you have your service we do

Sips Between Rips!


Judy Kratz is the creator of HoochiCoochi Wax Studio. Her love of waxing began during her 10 years as salon co-owner of Sister Act of the Palm Beaches. She has 25 years of body waxing experience and knows how to make unwanted hair disappear magically and almost painlessly.

Judy is a master Esthetician and has taken her training to the next level spending hundreds of hours refining her skills and knowledge on skin care and hair removal. Choosing a "Master Esthetician" to become your body waxer may eliminate your chances of receiving a bad wax experience.

See below for her testimony

Our Testimony

The History behind the brand
Judy Kratz

People ask ....How did the name come about?

It all started back in 2005 co-owner of sister act of the Palm Beaches. In a partnership with my sister together we decided to sell our salon of 10 years.


A few years had passed ..... wanting to be in business again....My passion is waxing bodies..... wanting a catchy name regarding Brazilian wax. One day was consulting with my friend Debbie. She started giggling when I mentioned to her of the vision for the business. My friend said when she was potty training her daughter and it was time for her to go ... she would say Coochi, Coochi mommy. It immediately came to me “Hoochicoochi” That day The name Hoochicoochi wax studio was birthed but was another two years before it actually became a business....And so the story goes....

Many difficulties happened in those few years. My husband at the time...lost his job, everything seem to be falling apart. We short sold our home. This was devastating to all of us. I can remember the beautiful little lady that sat across the desk from me as the tears roll down my cheeks. ....This lady was our attorney who was appointed to us through the government system to short sell our home ...She said " why the tears it's only a house " I said yes to you it is just a house, but to us it is the home that We raised our 4 boys in ....we were losing our home of 15 years. Two days went by and this attorney came to see me. She made an appointment for some waxing services.... Do you realize you have something here? What? Really? No....we didn't think much about that at that time as life was upside down.

This attorney proceeded to tell me she had over 500 customers but there was three of us that kept her up all night. She said "I don't have much but the government pays me a little bit for every home that is foreclosed or short sold. If I could lend you a small amount do you think you could get this business up and going?" and pay me back quickly? With out delay my answer was yes... so the story goes...


I must give God the glory because the people, the financing, the workers, equipment, furnishings, along with first last and security all came out of a small loan of just $10,000 This Woman of God attorney wanted this loan back as quickly as possible and I was going to make sure she got paid first every month!

In 2009 Hoochicoochi® Wax Studio opened the doors in downtown Lantana Fl. The day the doors opened I literally had $40 left to my name but here we are years latter. There were days in the studio when I just prayed that God would send the people from the north, east, south, and west! I begin speaking those things that are not as though they were ( Romans 4:17) .... My day was made up of daily confessions claiming every chair in the studio full, parking lot full, checkbook overflowing, The phone started ringing..... Daily I began thanking God in advance that the debts were paid in full.


Since this time we have tested models in Camillus New York, Geneva New York, Canandaigua New York, Stuart Florida, Lake Worth Florida, Lantana Florida.


As of February 2019 HoochiCoochi® Franchise has birthed into her own very own Franchise Company.

My Spirit has always been to give with a Grateful Heart. Love wholeheartedly and forgive as it’s required. I have learned throughout the years God is your Best friend He’s the one who will Never Fail You..... and so the story continues:


Welcome to HoochiCoochi Franchise® LLC

I have always been blessed with a wonderful staff. You are loved and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and dedication.


The story is told to be a testimony to those who want to move forward in their career and think they can’t ....due to financing , situations or circumstances ... remember I was broke busted and disgusted but joy always comes in the morning! Pick yourself up and get going again. Every day is a new day!


Now on a personal note and do believe it with all my heart If you put your faith in God have faith as small as a mustard seed ....believe it ....Call it forth daily ...I challenge you to watch and see what happens. God is no respecter of persons. If He did it for me He'll do it for you too! I encourage you to....Step into your Destiny... Dream Big!.... Let nothing stop you! My Prayer For All Is That God will Richly Bless You As You Journey ahead in what You Were Created To Be.


Let me close by saying Thank You fist to God above ....to Jill for her years of dedication and to the Wonderful Guests and friends who have supported HoochiCoochi throughout the years. You are loved & greatly appreciated. My hope is that you will always remember that your greatest days are still ahead!

Judy Kratz